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Hello my name is Sonserae Leese. I have been an artist in the film industry doing visual effects for movies for 20 years. I’ve worked for Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures, Nickelodeon and other studios. I have a traditional art background from Pepperdine University. I have a BA in fine art and photography. I teach both traditional art and digital art as well as other subjects. I can teach in person in the Orange County, California area or online. Please contact me concerning scheduling a time.

Other Subjects:

Sonserae Leese also offers tutoring for the subjects: Theology, art history, writing, etc

Financial and Product Information:

Upon payment we send your contact information to the Tutor, they will then contact you via e-mail to arrange a lesson. 

Rest assured we do not pay the tutor until the lesson has been booked. 

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