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A Chess Training Program that Works: The Naroditsky Master Method

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The Naroditsky Method

This superb 15-hour chess training program from prodigy GM Daniel Naroditsky reveals his method for getting better at chess.

Broken down into sections on the opening, tactics, calculation, positional play, and endgames, Daniel explains what you need to do to get a real improvement in each of these areas.

In each of the 18 chapters, GM Daniel Naroditsky selects his favorite examples and walks you through his chess philosophy and thought process, guiding you around all the common mistakes players make and driving you to the perfect solution.

About the Author:

Daniel Naroditsky is an American chess prodigy and Grandmaster. He has been ranked No. 1 in the U.S. in his age category for the past eight years. He is also the youngest published chess author in history, having his first book published at age 14.

Naroditsky is currently rated at 2614 Elo and the highest rating of his career is 2649. 

chess training, Master Method, Daniel Naroditsky, chess training program

GM Daniel Naroditsky Rating Rating Progress

His Achievements: 

In May 2007, he won the Northern California K-12 Chess Championship, becoming the youngest player ever to do so. Later that year, Naroditsky won the Under-12 division of the World Youth Chess Championship with a score of 9½/11. In May 2008, he won the Northern California 9-12 Chess Championship.

Is this course for me? 

chess training, Master Method, Daniel Naroditsky, chess training program

GM Daniel Naroditsky

In this course, GM Daniel Naroditsky reveals his chess training program and his way of improving on each area: how to build an opening repertoire that suits you; the best ways to improve your tactical ability and how to learn the endgame.

As someone who has experienced phenomenal success and rapid improvement, Daniel’s advice on how to apply what he teaches is invaluable and his focus on principles makes this advanced material accessible to any determined improver.

With this chess training program, beginners and advanced players will be able to learn how to select an opening repertoire that’s appropriate to their playing style.

You will also be able to learn how to punish those players who don’t respect the principles of the opening, those opening rebels who tend to fall behind in development, don’t castle very quickly or move the same piece more than once in the opening stage.

What does The Naroditsky Chess Training Method mean for you?

  • You’ll be rubbing your hands with glee whenever you face a crazy, offbeat opening – see how Daniel wipes the smile off a smug 1…g5 player’s face, leaving them devastated using a single idea!
  • You can discover how the great Tigran Petrosian “talked” to his pieces until they flowed like water to collapse the most rock-solid defense. Daniel dissects Tigran’s masterpiece of positional play in chapter 11, uncovering deep strategic ideas that’ll stun 90% of club players.
  • You’ll learn how Daniel threw the position off balance with the killer sacrificial blow 10.Nd5!! and crushed a 2568 rated GM (Daniel’s imbalance method is finally exposed!)
  • You’ll discover the “power chess” principles that Levon Aronian used to simply steamroll Wesley So in a few moves with the black pieces. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your opponent on the dazed ropes as you prepare the knock-out punch…this lesson is essential viewing!

Includes a 1-hour bonus of Daniel playing online blitz, voicing his thoughts and analysis in real time!

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