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Bonjour! I offer 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions for those wishing to learn French or improve their proficiency. I help learners in two ways. Based on personal learning goals, I create AUTHENTIC, CONTEXTUALIZED and ENGAGING online lessons that'll allow learners to construct their knowledge of the French language and take action while they learn. I also do conversation lessons during which learners can practice speaking in a variety of different contexts. To see if my services are for you, I offer a FREE consultation during which we can discuss your language learning goals, your past learning initiatives, your interests, as well as "WHY" you want to learn French. I am based in Ontario, Canada so keep that in mind if you're located outside of Canada! Here is my current availability: Monday-Thursday (11am-8pm), Friday (11am-7pm) & Saturday-Sunday (9am-12pm). All inquiries can be sent to À bientôt! Talk soon!

Financial and Product Information:

Upon payment we send your contact information to the Tutor, they will then contact you via e-mail to arrange a lesson. 

Rest assured we do not pay the tutor until the lesson has been booked. 

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