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By being on our platform you will reach an extended audience of potential students.


Some tutors will get the chance to be a part of a subscription bundle, guarenteening a monthly income.


Be assosiated with a positive company that supports all students.

Our Mission

To support students to become the best version of themselves by enhancing their life whilst studying. We want to provide students with relevant products and bundles to help them during their studies, as after all everyone has a need to live.

Who we are & What we do

NeedToLive offers a unique online portal which supports students, parents and educational establishments. We help provide real living solutions including food, housing, mental health, local environment, shopping, entertainment and of course their education.

We’ve built technology to support the buying process that students crave, using QR codes and multi-brand multi-product bundles of in-demand products and services. Student life, upgraded and enhanced. Extending our proposition to partners by selling on their behalf and driving footfall into their establishments.

Our Ethics

  • Our purpose is fueled by passion for education and life-long learning
  • We have over 250 retail partners
  • We have local as well as national partners
  • We want enrich the lives of students through our site myneedtolive.com
  • We give back
  • To support local businesses and improve communities
  • We are compliant and operate under strict policies around data and privacy

How it looks

Here is the live Tutor Page

How it works

You will have your own Tutor ‘product’ on our store (see previous page). When a user purchases your lessons there are 2 options:

1. Online tutor - we automatically send you the customers details so you can arrange a lesson. Payment will be in your bank within 5 business days from purchase.

2. In person tutor - we automatically send you the customers details so you can arrange a lesson. The customer will recieve a QR code. In the lesson, you will scan the QR code to validate they’ve bought that lesson (you will have to download a free app for this option). Payment will be in you bank within 5 business days from purchase. Both options are set up by our team with minimal input from you! Simple!

For more detailed information please click the document:

Next Steps

Fill out our partner form by clicking the button below! Our tech team will have you uploaded within 48hours! When you’re live, our team will e-mail you with a link to your page!

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