Our Ethos

We understand that you NeedToLive, and we are here to help!

Everybody needs to live. We understand this. For students and their families, the balance between living the life you want and the life you can afford can be a delicate balance. Add into that mix the stress of studies, exams, social life and your wellbeing and it can be an exciting, but daunting time.

At NeedToLive we are on a mission to improve the lifestyle of students, support parents, and educational institutions and grow businesses in the UK.

Why? Because we get it. We understand how difficult it can be moving away from home for the first time, away from the safety net created by parents and into an unknown city, where simply picking a coffee shop to read a book is a mystery.

Therefore, NeedToLive is created for students, by students!

How do we plan to accomplish our goals?

Firstly, by creating an online community, underpinned by relevant and desirable student discounts and offers, with value-added through local events, blogs, forums, career coaching and inspirational speakers. Also, by just being there, when students need an ear, a sounding board or a piece of advice. Our community will support and emulate well-being and anticipate student needs.

We are giving back to education. A percentage of all online sales will be delivered straight into the educational establishment selected by the buyer.

The world is changing at a phenomenal pace, and we aim to not just keep up, but get ahead. A degree is not all it takes to succeed.