Our Mission

To support students to become the best version of themselves by enhancing their life whilst studying. We want to provide students with relevant products and bundles to help them during their studies, as after all everyone has a need to live.

Who we are & What we do

NeedToLive offers a unique online portal which supports students, parents and educational establishments. We help provide real living solutions including food, housing, mental health, local environment, shopping, entertainment and of course their education.

We’ve built technology to support the buying process that students crave, using QR codes and multi-brand multi-product bundles of in-demand products and services. Student life, upgraded and enhanced. Extending our proposition to partners by selling on their behalf and driving footfall into their establishments.

Building Alumni loyalty & advocacy

Our aspiration is to give students, their parents and alumni a first-class online retail experience. We offer innovative access to all of the essentials for life at university. Retailers appreciate the ease and transparency of partnering with us and we aim to give a % back to educational bodies too. What’s not to love?

Alumni are the legacy of the university, and deserve thanks and gratitude, as well as access to the financial benefits of NeedtoLive. “Make my life easier or cheaper” is what they say. And we listen.

We would like to partner with your University to provide an ethical discounts proposition for Alumni, in turn helping to win their loyalty and advocacy.

Our Ethics

  • Our purpose is fueled by passion for education and life-long learning
  • We have over 250 retail partners
  • We have local as well as national partners
  • We want enrich the lives of students through our site
  • We give back
  • To support local businesses and improve communities
  • We are compliant and operate under strict policies around data and privacy

The Proposition

  • A selection of offers, discounts and deals on items for life after graduation.
  • Local and National offers, both online and for Alumni magazine.
  • A thank you for their support.
  • Content, live events and articles aimed to support their journey into employment and then onwards through life.

For more detailed information please click the document:

Next Steps

  • Contact Dave Brannan using the details below.
  • Agree a partnership where NTL creates a benefit package for Alumni members.
  • Create a communications program to ensure the message gets out and is supported.
  • Work together to ensure a more vocal pride is seen in the public eye about being in the Alumni.
  • Create live events in which members can meet up either back on campus or in selected other venues.

Contact Details

Name: David Brannan
Phone: 01752 977600