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Our Mission

To support students to become the best version of themselves by enhancing their life whilst studying. We want to provide students with relevant products and bundles to help them during their studies, as after all everyone has a need to live.

Who we are & What we do

NeedToLive offers a unique online portal which supports students, parents and educational establishments. We help provide real living solutions including food, housing, mental health, local environment, shopping, entertainment and of course their education.

We’ve built technology to support the buying process that students crave, using QR codes and multi-brand multi-product bundles of in-demand products and services. Student life, upgraded and enhanced. Extending our proposition to partners by selling on their behalf and driving footfall into their establishments.

How does it work?

  1. When you register as an affiliate you will be given access to our affiliate software.
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  5. The more purchases your users make the more money you'll earn!

Please contact our Everyday Role Model Manager:

Daisy Bavage

Daisy Bavage

Phone: 01752 977 602