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Hello, we are NeedToLive the new and exciting platform made for students by students. NeedToLive supports student’s educational, entertainment and lifestyle needs. It will focus on supplying a better experience for the student, whilst working in conjunction with the universities, student unions and retail partners. We’d love to offer your promotions via our platform. Please note the site will be having a full upgrade and become an app on October 15th!

"We connect communities creating a safe, fun and educational skill-gaming environment."

Mindsports Academy gives individuals and clubs the opportunity to become part of a worldwide network of players through structured online and live events. Whether playing for fun or hoping to compete locally or nationally, the Mindsports Academy has opportunities available for all.

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The Mindsports Education programme supports the teaching of teamwork, helps strengthen English, Maths and spelling, improves time management, confidence and attention span and encourages pupils to make new friends. We care about children's safety that's why we have invested so much into making sure this website is secure for your children.
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