A Journey Through the First World War - printed book

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This interactive book takes children on a tour through the First World War. Engaging activity sheets encourage children to investigate land ships, war poetry, zeppelins or The Red Baron. Simply hover a tablet or phone over the pages to listen to a veteran describe his experiences on the front line or listen to the music that kept morale high. This series really does bring history to life! There are 10 ActiveWorksheets in this book. Each ActiveWorksheet explains a different area of the First World War such as enrollment and remembrance. The ActiveWorksheets can be photocopied, and the trigger images will even work in black and white. The book includes a step-by-step teacher guide and a range of extension activities. Alongside this book are free apps for Android and iOS. The app uses ActiveLens augmented reality technology to bring the pages of the book to life. There is also a virtual reality app which can be used with a Google Cardboard to experience life in the trenches.

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