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Of all the people I admire, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam is one such personality I adore. In his words, I have to make myself a part of change to see the change in the world. Belonging from a country like India makes us understand how liberating being educated and literate is. Of all the things to my belief that can go wrong, having a revolutionary idea and not able to do anything about it due to lack of knowledge is the worst thing that can happen to dreamers like us. Everyone needs the toolbox to start working. Before we know the limitations or capabilities of the tools at hand, it would be anyone but a nincompoop to expect a rocket to emerge out of it. Both my parents are teachers and a major part of my childhood has gone observing them teach. Teaching is a pretty challenging job and the laborious efforts I have seen them doing for preparing study materials for their students is worth a big applause. They encouraged me to help kids with small assignments and soon it grew into passion. Being a third year Bachelor of Technology student myself, I wasn't able to pursue my passion of teaching as a professional but since sixth grade I am active in helping my fellow classmates as well as my juniors with both academic and non-academic activities. Further, in my high school and junior college a major part of my preparation for college entrance exams comprised of study groups wherein we helped each other and small lectures that I used to conduct for my juniors. I believe sharing one's knowledge and subjecting oneself to criticism from inquisitive minds not only expands my expertise but also enables a mutual deeper understanding. Further interaction brings new opportunities to forefront and even sometime shed a new light to a vital concept. Bottom line : I teach because its satisfying to me. Curiosity spills huge knowledge to the seeker and leaves no one unturned into a beneficiary. Given the opportunity in a candid platform like this I would like to expand my horizons, push my limits and put my knowledge to good use.

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Hitesh Naik also offers tutoring for the subjects: Control Systems, Signal Systems

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