Gideon - Guitar



I started playing guitar seriously from the age of 18, so its been 17 years on a very satisfying yet sometimes frustrating path, but I'll never look back! its my life, calling and passion!

I am self taught, with a few lessons from professionals.

Studied Music at SAMI(South African Music Institute) in 2011

I've got studio, mixing, mastering, recording and session experience, 12 years band experience and just over 10 year's worth of teaching and tutoring experience...I've worked with amazing producers and fellow musicians.... its been worth every step so far and I believe it will remain worth every step in the future...

People are also a passion in my life..and I'm thankful for even friendships developing from tutoring! I am truly blessed..

Financial and Product Information:

Upon payment we send your contact information to the Tutor, they will then contact you via e-mail to arrange a lesson. 

Rest assured we do not pay the tutor until the lesson has been booked. 

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