2 Monthly Memberships Package Deal


Buy 2 memberships and save!

You can choose which platform these memberships are for:

1) Mindsports Academy or,

2) Mindsports Education

You can have 2 the same or 1 of each - it's up to you. 


Mindsports Academy

Play, Challenge and Compete online in a selection of Mindsports; Chess, Word Games and Go.

  • Play online, on multiple devices
  • Play against a global community
  • Join online tournaments
  • Learn new techniques to improve your game


Mindsports Education

Join Mindsports Education to play Word Games, Chess and Go against players from all over the world.

With this student membership you receive access to:

  • MSE online sports room; Play Chess, Word Games and Go
  • Earn Badges
  • Play the MSE online games; Math Lines, Quick Math, Whack An Answer, Card Box Play
  • Enter online tournaments
  • Access videos, guides, hints and tips


Please Note: This is currently in development so we will contact you about which accounts you'd like to upgrade. 

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