Csaba Balogh Method

by iChess

Master Method Series #18

Chess may be an ancient game but it has taken centuries to reveal its deepest secrets. With the quality of today’s games at the highest level ever recorded, those in search of the “truth” of chess should take a closer look at the modern masterpieces.

Super GM and former European Youth Champion Csaba Balogh (2634) has collected 43 games worthy of the “masterpiece” title, each one an instructive example of the 5 skills critical for practical success: endgame tactics, converting a space advantage, sacrificing material, fighting chess and perfect preparation.

With over 15 hours of expertly analyzed games, Secrets of Modern Masterpieces is a treasure trove of winning ideas, skills and techniques which cannot fail to improve the game of any serious student.


Part 1: Endgame Tactics

  1. Passed pawn explosion
  2. Rook versus queen fortress
  3. Tricky queen endings: Kryvoruchko-Bogdanovich
  4. Hidden resources: Kramnik-Tomashevsky
  5. Breakthrough: Nakamura-Giri
  6. Opposite-colored bishops: Svidler-Karjakin
  7. Pawn race: Anand-Meier
  8. Only moves: Shanava-Ipatov
  9. Pieces for pawns: Nyback-Braun
  10. Brave knights: Tomashevsky-Matlakov
  11. Zugzwang: Aronian-Gelfand
  12. Exchange sac: Sargissian-Karjakin
  13. Stalemate tactics: Khalifman-Yuffa
  14. R+P versus queen: Li Chao-Elijanov
  15. Technique: Wang Yue-Wang Hao

Part 2: Converting a Space Advantage

  1. Eternal knight: Leko-Caruana
  2. No entry: Carlsen-van Wely
  3. Rook invasion: Anand-Nakamura
  4. Karpovian control: Wang Hao-Caruana
  5. Magical maneuvers: Jakovenko-Sutovsky
  6. Majorly stuck: Ding Liren-Aronian

Part 3: The Art of the Sacrifice

  1. Najdorf nuked: Balogh-Grigoryan
  2. Blitzkrieg: Andreikin-Sjurgirov
  3. No escape: Alekseev-Krush
  4. Windmill: Mamedyarov-Shanava
  5. Prodigy’s immortal: Wei Yi-Batista
  6. Mating net: Jobava-Oleksienko
  7. Double rook sac: Kramnik-McShane
  8. Avalanche: Kramnik-Fressinet

Part 4: Fighting Chess

  1. Immortal draw: Svidler-Morozevich
  2. Counter: Naumann-Rapport
  3. Perpetual: Caruana-Gelfand
  4. Missed win: Kasparov-Short
  5. Fearless: Nepomniachtchi-Svidler
  6. Taking turns: Savchenko-Rapport
  7. Unpinning: Gelfand – Vachier-Lagrave

Part 5: Excelling at Preparation

  1. Game of the year: Aronian-Anand
  2. A rook for the king: Gelfand-Amonatov
  3. World championship prep: Anand-Carlsen
  4. Dark squares: Kamsky-Seirawan
  5. Maroczy mayhem: Balogh-Suarez
  6. Fireworks: Wei Yi-Haast
  7. Open center: Aronian-Grischuk

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