BaRPiG The Adventure Party Game! Card Game! Fun Party Game! + Drinking Rules! 


BaRPiG is a hilarious ​competitive card-based party game​ with ​social group activities. #BARPIG takes some of the best parts from games such as Munchkin, Exploding Kittens, and Ring of Fire, and combines these alongside new and ​ingenious game mechanics​ into a single ​highly portable game​. Players are continuously engaged throughout #gameplay that features high levels of wit and humour, themed around a group of #adventuring pigs challenging each other in a Medieval Tavern.  

This listing includes the base game, a very special BaRPiG vinyl sticker, promo card AND DRINKING GAME ALTERNATE RULES!!! Very Exclusive! The game you receive will be sealed and NEW! Accept no substitute! We offer 24hr dispatch.




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