Paperchase Student Discount: Our top picks for the new term

Paperchase Student Discount: Our top picks for the new term

For many of us, buying stationery is one of the most exciting parts about further education. Forget going to nightclubs on a Tuesday, the smell of walking into Paperchase is sheer heaven. Even more so when you know you can use your Paperchase student discount to grab a bargain.

The problem is, with your new student loan in your bank account, it can be tempting to go a little crazy and buy every pen, notebook and highlighter you see. So, before you blow your entire loan on stationery, here are our top picks from Paperchase for all your new term essentials.

Our top picks to use your Paperchase student discount:

A4 Subject Notebook

It might not be the most colourful or exciting stationery accessory, but your A4 subject notebook will become your very own little university hub. With dividers to separate from your different modules, by using this type of notebook you’ll only need to take one notebook for all your notes - which your back will thank you for later! 

Student Diary

One of the best ways to succeed at university is to stay organised, which is where your Paperchase student planner comes in. Never again will you forget an essay deadline or class test because this weekly planner will keep you right. It even has an assignment tracker, weekly budget and space for you to write all your goals for the upcoming term.

paperchase student planner

Pastel & Neon Highlighters

Just like a chef need his knives, a student would be lost without their highlighters when it comes to exam season. The problem is, those fluorescent yellows and greens are awfully boring. Well, stand out from the crowd with these neon and pastel highlighters that are exclusive to Paperchase. You’ll have the best-looking notes in the class.

Lucky Cat Pencil Case

With all these new pens and pencils, you're going to need a nice pencil case to keep them in. Well, look no further than this Lucky Cat pencil case. Not only will it make it easy for you to find the right pen, but this pencil case will also bring you all the luck you need to make it through the year.

Dino Topped Ballpoint Pen

Whether it’s in a lab or a tutorial, there’s always a light-fingered classmate ready to borrow your favourite pen and forget to give you it back. That is, unless you have the most OTT and ostentatious pen in the whole of your university, such as this Paperchase dinosaur pen. You’ll never lose your pens to forgetful peers again!

Unicorn Wireless Charger

Let’s face it, not every lecture you go to is going to be exciting. So, to make the most of your Paperchase student discount online, get this fun unicorn wireless charger to charge your phone and keep you on Instagram while your lecturer drones on. It’s also small enough to fit in your pencil case.

paperchase unicorn wireless charger for students

Rainbow Folder

Once you’ve used all those wonderful new pens and highlighters to make your class notes, you’re going to need a nice folder to keep them safe. This rainbow folder is bright, fun and – even better – you can buy it as part of a set that comes with a backpack and water bottle. Not only will you save money with your Paperchase student discount, but this web-exclusive set gives you a further discount on what you would by buying each item separately.

Kraft Sticky Tabs

Whether you want to organise your notes better or you’d like to bookmark pages in a textbook – every student needs a set of stick tabs in their stationery repertoire. Simple to use, you can arrange your notes by colour coding or you can add numbers to refer to an index you make.

These particular Kraft sticky tabs come in their own handy little holder and are even suitable for being used multiple times. Ideal for the student who likes to stay organised.

paperchase kraft sticky tabs for students

Milan Correction Fluid

No matter how careful we are, mistakes happen. Before you scrunch up your pages and start over, this handy little Milan correction fluid pen will let you write over your mistake, so you'd hardly know it happened in the first place. 

It’s not just the Paperchase student discount that makes their stationery empire so popular. The fact that there are so many different fun and quirky styles in Paperchase means that studying becomes fun. It gives you an excuse to use all your new stationery.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Paperchase student discount!

Get free standard delivery on orders over £25 and head over to our Paperchase student discount page for access to extra Paperchase student discount offers. Just don’t blame us for your stationery addiction!

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