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Nail Your Grad Ball Outfit with Exclusive Fashion Student Discounts

You’ve done it! You’ve handed that last assignment in, sat your last exam and finalised your dissertation. Now all that’s left to do is figure out what to wear to your grad ball as you celebrate your academic achievements with your peers and student friends.

friends in grad ball outfits

Whether you have a date with your university sweetheart or are heading there as a gang, one thing is for certain: You need to look elegant and classy whilst protecting that still-a-student bank balance. What to wear for the grad ball may be the hot topic on your WhatsApp group chat, but the smartest grads also consider the best fashion student discounts around.

We'll take a look at what to wear and where you can save some of your dwindling student loan using our exclusive fashion discount codes. Our fashion gurus have been working hard to bring you the rules to stick to for nailing your grad ball outfit. 

What to wear to grad ball - rules to live by

You may have been proudly branding your leggings and sweatpants all semester as you navigate the campus traffic slightly hungover. However, the grad ball is no place for your regular student attire, no matter how comfortable you were feeling. Achieving the right look is key and it’s always better to over-dress than under-dress at a grad ball. If you’re looking for some tips to throw together the perfect grad ball outfit, here are some basic rules to live by:

Stick to classic material 

Silk, linen, cotton and similar materials are timeless because they never step out of fashion. Stick to these materials.

Neutral is never a no

Neutral block colours such as creams, whites, greys and blacks are always a good choice for stylish dressing.

Accessories can make or break an outfit 

The right accessories can really add that extra ‘wow’ to an outfit. Statement jewellery against a simple dress is perfect. Don’t go over the top with accessories though – three is enough!

Fitted is perfection 

You can own the most elegant outfit that suits your skin tone and style, but if it does not fit perfectly the effect is lost. Formal dresses cut on the bias often offer a more flattering fit.

Feel good 

At the end of the day, your grad ball is about having fun. If you throw every other ‘rule’ out the window, make sure you stick to this one. Don’t wear something that isn’t ‘you’ for the sake of fashion. Feel good in what you’re wearing, let your hair down and have a good time!


Where to Find A Fashion Student Discount?

As your graduation comes closer, the real world approaches and takes away some of your flexibility and freedom. It also takes away your student card that affords you so many discounts online. Nevertheless, there is still time to take advantage of it before you have to start paying full price, and what a better way to do just that than secure a student deal on your grad ball outfit? Need to Live offer many fashion student discounts and here are some of their best ones:


Little Mistress and Be Jealous Student Discounts

With Need to Live, students can get a nice 15% off anything at both Little Mistress and Be Jealous. This is a great option for those with a grad ball ticket as both outlets offer many classy pieces, including dresses, shoes and even accessories. Little Mistress even have a Paper Dolls range which is a large selection of beautiful dresses. Need to Live can even get you 20% off these in-demand dresses.

 little mistress student discount grad ball dress

Student deals at Goddiva Dresses

Another option when seeking out the perfect dress is to head on over to Goddiva. If you haven’t heard of this outlet before you may have had your head in your books a little too much. They are renowned for producing the most elegant dresses and you can now get 12% off and an amazing 75% off some of their fabulous creations

godiva student discount grad ball dress

I Saw it First Student deals

Speaking of 75% off, Need to Live also have 75% student discounts at I Saw it First. They are always offering amazing dresses that will turn heads at your grad ball. Browse through their range and you may just find what you’re looking for.

 i saw it first student discount grad ball dress

All grads are smart but the savviest ones who know how to dress well live by the rules above. Even smarter ones live by them and hunt down the best fashion student discount they can find. Wearing a stunning grad ball outfit will help you feel like a million dollars – and give you more money to spend on a celebratory cocktail or two. You earned it!

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