exeter student spa deal overlay with spa paraphernalia

Exeter student spa deals and discounts to get you through exams

exeter student spa deal overlay with spa paraphernalia

Calling all Exeter students! Got revision blues? Sick of hibernating in your room surrounded by a mountain of books? Take a break, and look after number one. We’ve got some great student spa deals and discounts in Exeter to get you through exams.

Why Relax?

As the exam period rears its head once again students get bombarded with the best ways to study. Whether it’s wearing the same perfume in the exam hall that you wore when revising, or only writing in blue ink, the top tips can be innovative to say the least.

But what we really need to be talking about is the fact that 82% of students feel stressed and anxious according to Unihealth research. The added pressures of an exam period are likely to excel these numbers and cause students even more reason to worry.

It’s so important to enjoy some downtime whilst revising, but balancing the need to work hard with the need for self-care can be tough. Scheduling time for life to continue around studying is essential to maintain your sanity whilst working towards exams.

We’ve got your back with exclusive student spa deals at Zamora Health and Beauty

If you are cramming in as much revision as possible out of fear that you are behind, the last thing on your mind may be a trip to the spa. Well, taking some down time for yourself may actually be a good idea. Over-revising can have a negative knock-on effect on how well you revise. When it comes to revising it should be about quality sessions rather than full days with a desk full of books and energy drinks to keep you somewhat conscious.
We’ve got together with our friends at Zamora Natural Health and Beauty to offer you exclusive student spa voucher codes for treatments at their boutique spa in Magdalen Road.

Zamora is a friendly, welcoming salon with an emphasis on natural and ethical products. Wherever possible they use paraben and sulphate free products, and their small team of therapists are passionate about offering an enjoyable, relaxed service to leave you feeling pampered and revived.

Use our spa student discount to get 15% off a 30, 60, or 90 minute massage. If you’ve got time afterwards, why not head to one of the cute cafes or delicatessens along Magdalen Road and enjoy a hot drink and something to nibble. You’ll be feeling relaxed and rejuvenated - ready to tackle that mountain of revision again!

Spa not your cup of tea? Here are some more ideas for relaxing on a budget around Exeter

exeter students relaxing together

Get Physical

Aaaall the experts like to bang on about the importance of regular exercise when it comes to managing stress and keeping a positive mindset. So take advantage of Exeter’s situation in the beautiful South West and get outside. Take a hike on Dartmoor, visit the beach, cycle down to Double Locks of an evening. Even just take a quick wander around Exeter University’s beautiful grounds in between revision spurts.

Allocate YOU Time

Just because you started waking up in a cold sweat because you dreamed you were naked in the exam hall again doesn’t mean you have to revise like a robot and ditch who you are. During revision periods remember what you love doing and allocate time to keep doing it. It might be that you enjoy painting, reading novels, meditating or cooking. Whatever your passion is stick to it to help you separate study and everyday life.

Eat Well

If you do enjoy cooking then this one is a must for you. The exam period becomes an excuse for emotional eating for a lot of students. However, sugary foods and meals high in fat are not ideal for your revision game. To stay focused and improve brain power you should look to eat wholesome and fresh foods. Try powering your studies with healthy meals that improve your memory, including oily fish, berries, eggs and more. If you have time, try out some of Exeter’s celebrated restaurants - Devon is full of foodies, so what better excuse to indulge than the need to feed your brain!

Stay Social

Another way to stay sane through marathon weeks of revision is to keep in touch with your friends. The optimum way to do this is to club together with your classmates and organise study groups. This way you strike the perfect balance between studying and socialising – as well as supporting each other. If that’s not possible try to catch up with a friend over coffee or over the phone to give yourself a break from your books. Book a group study space at the library or if you’re sick of the library, campus has got loads of cafes to get together with your revision crew.

Good Luck with Your Exams!

Unfortunately, we have to do exams and stress seems to be part and parcel of the deal. Yet, this does not mean we have to sit and wallow in our misery. Managing stress will not only make you feel better and prevent other mental health issues from surfacing, but it can actually help you study better.

So if you’re near Exeter, get yourself down to Zamora and indulge yourself with our student spa vouchers. And if you’re looking for more tips to manage exam stress, head over to My Need To Live, we’ve got some great exam stress tips from students, as well as some practical advice about what to do if you feel stressed before exams.

Whatever method you choose to de-stress this exam period, we hope you manage it and we hope you ace your exams! If you are really struggling then seek help from friends, family or from the relevant student groups.

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