male and female students stand against wall - best student deals online for freshers week 2019

8 of the Best Student Deals Online for Freshers Week 2019

Freshers Week is nearly here. It’s a time to start an exciting adventure, meet new people, have fun… and suddenly find traffic cones absolutely hilarious. 

Freshers Week is a time of discovery and new adventures, so it’s a good idea to make the most of this exciting and unique time in your life.

male and female students stand against wall - best student deals online for freshers week 2019

Make the most of Freshers’ Week with the best student deals online

Let’s be honest, students aren’t famous for being loaded with cash. Now’s the time to grab some extra special online student discounts so you can focus on beginning one of the most awesome adventures in your life without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Some of these deals are exclusive to Need To Live and you can snap them up using the codes listed below.

Check out our list of awesome online student discounts!

1. Get 15% off everything at The Fashion Bible, including sales prices, using code TNTL15.

The Fashion Bible hooks you up with the latest celebrity inspired fashion trends, so this discount makes it affordable to stay stylish whilst you study.  This offer is exclusive to NTL so you won’t find it anywhere else.

2. You can get 10% off all purchases at Chemist Direct, using the code NEED2LIVE.

Chemist Direct are the UK’s leading online pharmacy. They have everything from over-the-counter medication to skincare products, vitamins and supplements and essential toiletries. You can get 10% off all this and more, and their online ordering system means less trips to the shop and more trips to the Student Union. 

3. Get 50% off, or 2 For 1, at over 6000 restaurants with a 3 months free trial of Taste Card.

Don’t stay at home eating Pot Noodles. You can start your uni life with a bang and huge savings at thousands of restaurants with this no-strings-attached 3 month free trial. This tasty half price offer is just too mouth-watering to pass up, and you can take advantage of their 2 For 1 offer to treat a friend.

4. Get 50% off with Simply Cook’s awesome recipe box service.

Cooking at uni needn’t be about surviving on lentil stew and pasta surprise (plain pasta with cheese). It can be a fun culinary experience with just a handful of tasty ingredients and a few inspired recipe ideas. 

Simply Cook sends you recipe kits with easy to follow recipes straight to your door so you can always have something exciting to eat. It’s also a pretty decent way to win the hearts of your student flatmates. Just saying!

5. Save money when you shop at Iceland using code ICELAND5.

You can save £5 when you spend £40 or more at Iceland. This popular supermarket can be found pretty much everywhere, so it’s a go-to place for students on a budget. (At this point we were going to make a joke about “price freezes”, but decided against it.)

6. Get a wholesome 10% off healthy living products with The Good Guru.

All students benefit from staying healthy and nurturing their wellbeing. It keeps your brain active for learning and helps you surf through the occasional late night party.

The Good Guru offers a range of wellness products from organic supplements to vegan protein and organic oats. This 10% discount makes staying energised and switched on affordable for students on a budget.

7. Get 30% off plus free premier delivery of the latest in men’s urbanwear with BoohooMan.

BoohooMan is possibly the best kept secret in men’s urbanwear. They’re known for being cutting edge and affordable, whilst not taking themselves too seriously.

This special offer is exclusively for students, making ordering clothes straight to your door a no-brainer for fashion conscious freshers on a budget.

8. Get 50% off everything with ISawItFirst’s awesome Fast Fashion offerings.

Uni isn’t just about getting a well rounded education, it’s also an opportunity to look good too. ISawItFirst puts the latest trends in Fast Fashion at your fingertips. With this attractive half price offer your wardrobe choices are unlimited. So that’s all those Freshers week parties sorted.

Find the best student deals online with Need To Live!

We hope this selection of 8 of the best student deals online has got you all fired up about kickstarting your uni experience.

Need To Live is an essential resource created by students for students. We’ve all been there. We know that uni is a super amazing time of new experiences, broadened horizons and finding new friends who can stick with you through life. 

This adventure is best grasped if you don’t have to stress about budgets all the time. That’s why we’re so motivated to bring you the best student deals online so you can focus on making the most of Freshers’ Week 2019. 

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